Estancia La Jolla Hotel and Spa, San Diego Destination Wedding

Estancia is a dream wedding venue.  Gorgeous settings for pictures are around every corner with great architecture and lush gardens.  Add a stunning (and sweet) couple + San Diego’s top wedding planner – Rachel Welland from Bliss Events – and you’ve got two very happy photographers :)

My favorite moment from the day was definitely when Jonas and Jorge saw each other for the very first time in their First Look Session.  There was so much emotion, it makes me tear up now!  Many couples worry that seeing each other ahead of the ceremony might make the walk down the aisle less special.  Amazingly, I think it actually has the opposite effect.  It tends to make the coming ceremony even more real and poignant.  Certainly, for these two it seemed only to intensify their emotions!  I loved when their officiant asked them to stop and just hug for a moment so that they could both regain their composure.

Jonas and Jorge, thank you so much for choosing us to be your photographers!  You guys are awesome!


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