Paradise Point Resort Wedding

Although this Paradise Point Resort Wedding was only a few miles outside of downtown San Diego, it feels as though you have arrived in an exotic, tropical destination.  Lush palm trees and flowering hibiscus line the path to private cabanas with verandas opening onto the water.  The sound of live, island style music floats in the air from the Barefoot Bar and Grill where you can enjoy views of the bay and fabulous food.  Many of Sara and Ed’s guest list traveled to attend the wedding, so it was very important to make it a memorable vacation!

The ceremony was scheduled for sunset, so we planned a First Look Session to take advantage of the gorgeous gardens.  I LOVE when we have plenty of time to focus on romantic portraits! It is such a treat to be able to capture that first moment when a couple sees each other all dolled up and full of anticipation.  Sarah was so elegant and sophisticated, and her train was to die for.

Another big highlight for us was working with Bliss Events!  They did a knockout job of coordinating all of the details so that the day went seamlessly.  Thank you, Staci and congratulations Sara and Ed!!!

From the Couple

“Ok, let me start off by saying I’m a semi-pro photographer myself.  I’ve shown in a few galleries, I even once had a picture hanging in a U.S. Congressman’s office for a while, I’ve worked in TV/Visual Effects for the last 8 years, etc.–my point is, I know what makes a good image.

So when it came time to finding a photographer for our wedding, my fiancee basically trusted my judgment on which one we’d end up with.  We got about 4-5 recommendations from our wedding coordinator, and I took a look at all their websites/portfolios.  Most of the other companies were good, but fairly typical, posed, desaturated wedding photos with nothing really outstanding about them.

Then I took a look at Acqua’s website.  Right from the get-go, I knew I was looking at a really good, PROFESSIONAL photographer’s website.  Amazing images, perfect composition/focus/exposure, and none of it felt “typical”.  I think one reason for this is that Acqua also seems to do a lot of magazine and fashion work in the San Diego area, which is a completely different skillset from just wedding photography.

From this, I figured there was no way we’d be able to afford them.  And it turns out, not only were they completely within our budget, but you get TWO “A”-photographers!!  Most other companies give you 1 A-photog and then you can add a “B”-photographer for an extra fee, usually an assistant/intern who isn’t really experienced.  But no, with Acqua, you get both Jen & Shane, and basically for the price of one of them.

We asked them a few questions over the phone, from the typical wedding contract questions to nit-picky–what kinds of cameras/lenses they’d be using, how many shots do they average per session, etc. Their answers were exactly what we were looking for. So we booked an engagement shoot up here in Santa Monica, over an hour and a half’s drive away from their San Diego base.  The first weekend they came up for it, the sky was all gray and cloudy–terrible for photography, it ruins shadows and makes people look “flat”–Jen called us and said, “Hey we just drove up, but the sky isn’t looking so great, do you guys want to reschedule?”  Wait, you just drove an hour+ up to LA, and you’re calling me to reschedule for better lighting on us??  That’s awesome!!  We felt so bad that they made the trek, but they said, “Hey it’s cool, we’re gonna go visit some friends! See ya in a few weeks.”

So we had the engagement shoot all over Santa Monica a few weeks later, got the shots back a few weeks after that, and they were AMAZING!  Because I’m usually the one holding the camera, we’ve never had really good pictures of me and my fiancee together, and these were perfect.  So perfect that we actually had Jen and Shane make them into a photo-guestbook for the actual wedding!

The wedding day arrived, and Jen was able to get a lot of great shots of my (now-)wife getting ready with her bridesmaids while Shane got shots of me, my groomsmen, and ring bearer (our little beagle).  We chose to do most of our bridal party pics before the ceremony, so Jen and Shane set up a great “first-look” moment with me and my bride to capture the two of us as I saw how beautiful she looked.  They got terrific shots of all our families with us, and our families even said what a pleasure it was to work with Acqua and how great the guestbook was.  They shot everything–the ceremony, the cocktail hour, the reception–from a variety of angles, using a variety of lenses for a different look each time.

We got our digital proofs back in 2 weeks, and our full digital DVDs a week later.  Most places typically take 4-6 weeks, sometimes longer.  We couldn’t believe how fast they were on turning these great shots around.  It was great working with Acqua, and hope to use them again in the future.

The bottom line is this–If you DIDN’T hire Acqua Photo for your wedding, then I’m sorry, but you hired the wrong photographer.”

~ Ed & Sara

Wedding Details

Location: Paradise Point
Coordinator: Bliss Events
DJ: Artistic Productions
Cake: Flour Power
Florist: Rae Florae
Makeup & Hair: Charlyn Sanchez
Chair Rentals: Chiavari Chair Rentals
Party Rentals: Concepts Party Rentals
Accommodations for Bowie: Snug Pet Resort

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